Something more than a hobby, something less than a business, Keyframe Photography reflects Angie Key's passion for recording images of friends and family.

Though she's been known to shoot anything her lens will reach, Angie particularly enjoys working with children and families. "A great photograph," she says, "captures more than just a visual image. I believe the most compelling photos capture someone's personality or a relationship between people. My goal is to make people so comfortable they almost forget my camera is there. It's when they forget to be self-conscious and start having fun that I capture my favorite shots."

Angie battles severe migraine headaches multiple days each week. That makes it impossible for her to schedule - and guarantee - she'll be able to shoot at a specific day and time. But for friends who are willing to be flexible, and understand she may have to reschedule the day of a shoot if it's a migraine day and that it will probably take longer than a week to see their finished images, Angie is always happy to spend a couple hours at play.

Angie is located in Plano, Texas and shoots throughout the Dallas Metroplex, including McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Wylie, and Richardson.